About Us

Synsalus aims to work on its vision of connecting the healthcare providers and patients with an emphasis on home care, self care and training for correct healthcare practices. At the time of the current outbreak, we aim to provide authentic information and training to public as well as healthcare workers on best practices for sailing through COVID 19 threat. As healthcare comes under stress during outbreaks, we look forward to perusing our mission of deinstitutionalizing basic healthcare and giving it in people's own hands through an educational and informational approach.

Mental Health

Mental health is being majorly affected in the lockdown period. Synsalus has developed Mental Health support & training module for bettering the mental health during the lockdown period.

Nutrition & Dietetics

Coronavirus is known to show severity in the people with low immunity. Synsalus has developed diet charts with the help of top-notch nutritionists for various age-groups to boost immunity and tackle coronavirus and the mental stress during the lockdown period.

Home Care

Synsalus's home care module is made for COVID-19 patients and their families.